30 years in the Greek market


30 years of uninterrupted presence

and responsible operation in the Greek market

A 30-year path characterized by a commitment to quality, focus on development, innovation and responsible attitude towards the consumer.

By investing in human resources and technology, it has created a model plant for food production and processing, achieving consumer trust.,

 A course that ranks KRIVEK among the strongest meat production and processing industries in Greece today,
with a leading position in Crete and a dynamic presence throughout Greece.
Its mission is to provide products that are safe, certified, tasty and with high nutritional value, to the table of every Greek family.
Possessing an inherent Cretan authenticity, fervor and a passion for excellent taste, along with a commitment to quality, KRIVEK envisions being the market leader and the first choice for consumers.
We commit to sharing daily, with each and every one of you (employees, customers, suppliers, partners and social agencies) our experience, passion and enthusiasm for the job and our land. With promotions, awards, competitions, social activities and new innovative services.

We thank you for your confidence and for the joy of being on your table.

It is a privilege but also our greatest responsibility.
As a genuine Cretan company
we commit to always being worthy of your choice!