The Kretan Meat Industry KRIVEK, consistently in accordance with its consumers’ needs, with a deep commitment to safety and quality and in cooperation with the world’s leading companies in the frozen food and seafood industry, recommends:

Homemade Burger


Smoked Steak

new line of smoked products “Tzaki


fresh from selected Greek farms

Minoan Sausage

with graviera cheese and cichorium spinosum / stamnagkathi

KRIVEK at a glance… Since 1985, KRIVEK has been the leading Cretan company in the production, processing and marketing of food products. Its business activities are related to the import, processing and distribution of fresh and frozen meat, seafood, vegetables and Cretan products. We are proud of our land which is famous for its sun, sea and soil. We are proud of our tradition, passed through the centuries, from grandparents to grandchildren while preserving the authentic flavors, colors and fragrances of the Cretan diet. We are proud of our products’ contribution to the enhancement of the prestige and the value of the Mediterranean Diet. For us Cretans, gastronomy is part of our culture and everyday life. We are proud of being considered an excellent choice among those who value good food.



Meat contains a wide variety of important nutrients, including high-quality proteins, vitamin D, B complex vitamins, especially B12, as well as iron, zinc and selenium. The appropriate type of meat, in the proper quantity, according to your way of living becomes a part of a healthy balanced diet. Choose the best signed by KRIVEK.


Meat Creations

Authentic tastes inspired by genuine Cretan recipes, with aromas, herbs and local ingredients. KRIVEK is proud of its smoked line of products “TZAKI”, its wonderful cold-cuts flavors, its traditional pork gyros and its burgers. KRIVEK products can be found in the fridges of your local supermarkets.




Packaged vegetables, properly maintained in the freezer, have the same nutritional value as fresh vegetables do. Applying the correct freezing conditions, below 18o C as well as freezing them from the very first day of harvest, are prerequisites.  KRIVEK maintains long term cooperation with the world’s most renowned frozen food suppliers (McCain, Ardo, Alliance etc.) and through its distribution and packaging processes, ensures commensurate quality standards with the corresponding freshly cut products.



Seafood has been acknowledged for its benefits in promoting health. They are products rich in vitamins and minerals while being low in fat content. They contain calcium, copper, iodine, iron, potassium, selenium, zinc and the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Selenium is a strong antioxidant and helps cancer prevention. Seafood also contains which protect the heart while at the same time “feed” the brain. Seafood should be consumed at least twice a week. Choose your seafood from KRIVEK and get guaranteed quality and freshness.

We are proud of our tradition...

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    Expertise, Innovation, Quality | Customer focus and excellent service | Know how, reliability and market leadership.

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    Responsibility, ethics in practice

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    Selected varieties and meat types from leading farms and certified European, Cretan and Greek suppliers

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