Fresh Meat

Our experience and expertise helps us select the best quality of meat from the best farms.

KRIVEK selects its suppliers based on enhanced food safety criteria, on the nutritional value and the health conditions of the meat, in order to ensure a high level of consumer protection.

The products are chopped and packed with the use of the most up to date means in order to maintain the freshness and the organoleptic characteristics of the  meat unchanged.

Pork meat

Everyday we choose pigs and piglets of selected categories (SAA- SA- EA +) from the best slaughterhouses in Greece and the European Union, in order to address the needs of our customers and produce the most delicious products.

The sex of the animal is of great importance in the selection of pigs. KRIVEK exclusively distributes female pigs so as the meat is sweet and has a pleasant odor.

Pork is sold either with skin or without it and the main parts are:

  • Shoulder blade
  • Thigh
  • Steak
  • Belly bacon
  • Neck
  • Pork fillets
  • Shoulder neck
  • Set
  • Couples etc.


The best cattle from selected varieties (Angus, Limousine, Carolaise, Blonde d’Aquitaine, etc.) from around the world and the domestic market, are chosen and brought to our factory.

Apart from our suppliers’ certificates and selection of country of origin, we test our products and train our staff in order to ensure proper meat management.

The meat is sliced, boned and packaged into small or larger pieces, depending on the use and our customers’ desires.

  • Calves whole with bone
  • Calves front & rear
  • Beef Back E5
  • Beef Back E10
  • Beef truncated
  • Fillets
  • Leg with or without bone (silverside, round, chuck, trans, rump)
  • Back with or without bone (shoulder, neck, chest, rib, shank)
  • Short loin
  • T-bone
  • Liver

Special Breed Calves

The determining factor for the taste and tenderness of the meat is the place and the way animals are farmed. It has been acknowledged worldwide that grazing animals have the finest meat. The animals are given food with no genetically modified ingredients. Our company acquires the most exquisite meats from the best farms in America and Argentina, to satisfy the most demanding veal lovers.

  • Beef Strip loins Steaks
  • Beef Rib roast
  • Beef Rib eye Lip-on
  • Beef Rib eye Lip-off
  • Beef Tenderloins
  • Beef Short loins
  • Beef Cube – Rollslls


In our country, especially in Crete, rearing of small ruminants is done outdoors, under special climatic or soil conditions, so that the meat can acquire the special flavor and aroma from the herbs.

KRIVEK selects animals from specific suppliers and ensures the excellent quality of the meat in all kinds of meat.



Poultry are particularly sensitive products. For this reason KRIVEK has organized a separate processing and packing department, which ensures the quality and proper handling of products.

  • Whole chicken
  • Chicken fillet
  • Chicken leg
  • Chicken wings
  • Chicken breast
  • Chicken kopanaki
  • Rabbit whole
  • Cock whole
  • Turkey fillet
  • Turkey leg etc.